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Tools and Training To Get You High ROI Content


Keyword Research

We use two of the leading tools in keyword research (kwfinder and semrush) to cross-check for the best keywords you can use for your content. To make sure we cover all grounds, we also conduct competitors research, see what keywords they are ranking for so you can optimise your website for the best money keywords.


SEO Content

To fully optimise your content for SEO, we use reputable tools that in our experience, have been hugely beneficial in our effort to help you rank. Tools like SurferSEO have been great in SEO-optimisation and generating the most-searched content based around your keywords. Our writers also goes through the definitive checklist provided by backlinko for every SEO content that we've written. SEO is constantly changing. To make sure we follow the best practices, we set up social listening tools to ensure that we are up to date with any latest SEO developments from Google.



Copywriting Masters

Your content is best written by someone who knows your business and customer well. This is why you will need to fill in details about it before we even start producing content. Also, all of our copywriters went through a rigorous 3-week in-house copywriting course. The content they produced is further proofread by their respective team leader who have at least 3 years' experience in copywriting.

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