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Increasing repeat purchase from existing customers (Case Study)

chilli api case study

Chilli Api operates in a highly competitive food catering industry that is rather seasonal. It is crucial that the company reminds its customers constantly throughout the year of Chilli Api's offerings


Chilli Api Catering is a halal certified Peranakan food caterer that targets both consumers and businesses. While established in the industry, competition has increased during the pre-COVID era and has eaten into margins. Negative publicity has also seriously damaged its reputation that has taken years to build.


There are a few challenges that Chili Api faced.

  1. Attract users to its social media accounts which is key for a business of Chilli Api's nature
  2. Crisis management during negative publicity


Food photos are one of the most popular posts on social media. Chilli Api has invested in props and professional photography that allow the company to take tentalising photos of their offerings. Along with their peranakan heritage, Chilli Api's food photos on their instagram are both culturally and gastronomically rich.

chilli api peranakan case study

Screenshot of Chilli Api's Instagram page which showcases delicious Nyonya food along with beautiful Nyonya batik prints

To increase exposure of its photos, it has also make use of a long list of relevant tags that further increase effectiveness of its posts.

chilli api use of tags

Understanding the seasonal nature of the market, Chilli Api makes sure to also post timely photos during festivals to make sure all its followers know that it is offering festive-themed products. Along with the posts, it also utilises relevant festive tags.

For clients using our service, we also engage in tags research, to make sure that we include in the most relevant and popular tags for social media posts. This will maximise the effect of any social media posts that we provide for clients.

However, what Chilli Api lack is in its crisis management.

During its food poisoning case in March 2021, Chilli Api did not update its social media platforms with any post that addresses the issue. Many comments left on popular news media also went unanswered.

Their silent approach to handling the crisis is not only inappropriate, but they also miss an opportunity to show its customers and the public that they are actively working on improving the situation.

Some recommendations

There are a few things that Chilli Api can do better:

  1. The company can showcase actual photos of its catering spread or even customer's photos, which is curiously sparsely shown in the company's Instagram page.
  2. Including videos on its social media posts, which has been shown to have higher engagement rate than photos.
  3. Implementing a blog on its website allows Chilli Api to target relevant, but easy keywords that can further draw in organic traffic.
  4. Highly relevant blog posts can also be repurpose as content for newsletter which will engage its existing customer base.
  5. These blog posts can further be used for Linkedin, which allows Chilli Api to target its corporate customers.

Ultimately, Chilli Api has done a commendable job for its social media, though it can be further optimised for better impact.

Ultimately, Chilli Api has done a commendable job for its social media, though it can be further optimised for better impact.

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