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EntrePass Business Plan

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The most important step to getting EntrePass


Critical Parts of an EntrePass Business Plan for a successful application


What type of applicant?

You must first determine what type of applicant you are. It can be an entrepreneur (with promising entrepreneurial track record), innovator (with intellectual property) or investor . You can also apply for EntrePass even if you do not meet any of the criteria, though your chances will be lower. Whatever the case is, our EntrePass business plan can bring out the best of your qualities, increasing your chance for a successful EntrePass application.


Product and service offered

You should state your general business idea here and the product and service offered. While most applicants will provide a straightforward answer to this, your chances can be greatly improved if you include other sections like core competencies and your business' competitive advantage. Through our years of experience, we understand the right words and sections to include here to maximise your chances of a successful application.


Market Analysis

Market trends and potential should be shown here. More than just descriptions, it will be best if you can include figures about your industry. Our access to several industry publications mean we can include relevant industries figures in here to make the business plan more professional.


Operation Plan

A comprehensive business plan will include a good operations plan that show how the business achieve its business objectives. What you need to state here includes your initial plan after entry, some forecast figures including a summary of the profit and loss statement. A plus point to add will be about how you can create local employment.


Profile of management

This is where you 'sell' yourself to the EntrePass application officer. You should list down any good track record of current or past venture, and/or your experience as a professional manager or executive. If you have any relevant domain expertise, you can also list it here.


Supporting Document

Even though it is not part of the business plan, it is important that you include as many relevant supporting documents as you have. This is especially so for the things mentioned in the EntrePass business plan, where the documents will back up what you've said in the business plan.

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