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Whether you have difficulties putting ideas on paper, or you simply have no time, our 10+ years experience in ghostwriting make us a trusted partner for ghostwriting services.


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We believe in your satisfaction. This is why we only take on projects that we are confident of doing a good job for. Call us today to discuss about your project. 

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The Inky Ghostwriting Process - Tried and Tested

Initial Meeting

Before we do any writing, our professional ghostwriter will first contact you for an initial meeting to discuss basic information, such as the genre of writing, your writing skills, your personal brands, and all our available company resources to help you reach your goal.

Writing Confirmation

Once we've determined what we need to do, we'll sign a non disclosure agreement to give you full assurance that you'll still retain full credit for the work. After a flat fee paid upfront, work will start. and your professional ghostwriter will begin writing.

The Writing Begins

Depending on what kind of work you need, our ghostwriter will begin writing or editing the work, and send you a first draft in due course. Throughout the whole writing process, you continue to have full control - you can discuss and edit the outline as you need, receive project updates, and read drafts of what's already written.

... and it's done!

Once your ghostwriter has completed your copy, you can then publish, submit or use it as you wish. If you'd like us to revise anything, we'd be happy to as well!

Why do our clients use ghostwriters?

Ghostwriting services exist to help you put your ideas on paper when you don't have time, or don't know how to pen down your thoughts. Public figures or even authors hire freelancers or, in most cases, ghostwriting companies, to write their book manuscript, speech, or even published articles. From writing a book proposal, to writing nonfiction books, to designing a book cover, to everything in between: Inky's professional ghostwriters have you covered.

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