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Inkmypapers isn't a Household Name.

All it needed was to be a name that their target market knows - and that's exactly what Inkmypapers achieved with Inky's content writing expertise.

Inkmypapers is a Singaporean brand that specialises in proofreading, academic writing and general research services since 2009. Scroll down to see how they achieved increased traffic, customer awareness and sales purely through Inky's quality online content that their customers love and recognise.

  • 01.06.2019Customer Persona and Keyword Research

    Inky's writers began by properly defining Inkmypapers' customer persona. Thereafter, keyword research was conducted with various tools, like KWFinder and SEMRush to determine which Keywords to target.
  • 07.06.2019Creation of Content Strategy and Clusters

    Based on the root keyword, Inky worked with the client to craft out what content to produce, the amount and type of content to produce. Topic clusters for subsequent articles were identified as well.
  • 22.08.2019Cornerstone Content Creation

    Inky's content writers began work on a 3500-word cornerstone article, with aid from tools like SurferSEO and Yoast SEO. The end result was an easy-to-read, list of the top 9 private universities in Singapore.
  • 01.09.2018Secondary and Spin off Content Creation

    With the cornerstone content, Inky proceeded to write at least 50+ pieces of new content based off the cornerstone. This included instagram posts, facebook posts, secondary blog articles, newsletters and emails.
  • 2022Quality Content that Lasts till Today

    The same cornerstone article is constantly updated every year, and content created continues to fuel Inkmypapers' outreach efforts today.


Customer Buyer Persona Creation and Discussion

Before creating any content, we first consulted the business on their operations and customers, before using tools like SEMRush to properly research audience intent and competitors to ensure the most comprehensive understanding of our target market. This was followed by another brainstorming session to leave no stones unturned.

The result? 2 clearly-defined, targetable Customer Buyer Personas we can target content towards.



Keyword Research and Topic Cluster Formation

With the audience clearly defined and search intent clarified, the team then embarked on keyword research, finding targetable keywords that had high search volumes and low difficulty to write about. To achieve this, Inky writers use a combination of tools like KWFinder, SEMRush and Buzzsumo, together with experienced lenses and business intuition.

The result? We found at least 3 potential keywords to write content for, and over 20 potential subtopics.



Content Calendar and Strategy

With keywords in hand, we worked with Inkmypapers to create an actionable content strategy and calendar. This included the cornerstone content structure, potential secondary blog posts, and other collateral like emails, social media posts and newsletters.

The result? 1 Cornerstone Article, 27 Secondary Articles, at least 20 emails, and posts - All stemming from the Cornerstone.



Writing Cornerstone Content

With the content structure fixed, Inky's copywriters could safely proceed with writing the cornerstone content. To add more value to written content, we didn't just write - we verified the content with tools like SurferSEO and Canva. Using these help Inky make sure that the content didn't just answer peoples' queries, but exceeded their expectations in terms of quality and depth.

The result? An easy-to-read, 3500-word evergreen Cornerstone article that brings value to readers and beyond.


Repurposing Content and Consistency

The journey doesn't stop there. Inky's writers then spun off over 20 articles from the original cornerstone, building online reputation and authority. Content from the cornerstone was also used in marketing efforts, emails, newsletters and social media, and the process continues till this day.

The result? Quality Content that helped Inkmypapers drive traffic and sales, 2 years and counting.

With One Cornerstone Article, Inkmypapers spun off 50+ Different Content Offerings that Engaged Customers across all Sales Channels.

Even today, the Cornerstone article has attracted consistent unique traffic, with a 25% average increase in readership every year even with just annual updates. With the article and secondary newsletter driving traffic, Inkmypapers collected 4000+ emails in the first year alone, and continues to engage readers and customers with this content in 2022 and beyond.

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