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What's a LinkedIn article and
how does it help you in your career/business?

Resume and corporate profiles are now old school. LinkedIn is the new norm.

Everyone - headhunters, potential customers and employees - judge you by your LinkedIn profile. What better way than to post a thoughtful post to display your best qualities?

Here is where we come in. LinkedIn article is a blog post that you can post on your LinkedIn profile and many industry leaders, high-flyers and corporate ladder climbers have use it to build their brand, impress potential new employers and communicate to stakeholders.

We help you to ideate impactful topics, write the authoritative article and include content that you can post on your LinkedIn profile.

You will receive:

LinkedIn Article x 1

Your completed LinkedIn article, properly formatted and comes with a header image, ready to be posted on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Article x 1

Your completed LinkedIn article, properly formatted and comes with a header image, ready to be posted on your LinkedIn profile.

linkedin post

Excerpt to post on profile

You will also get an excerpt which can be posted on your LinkedIn profile as a post.

Excerpt to post on profile

You will also get an excerpt which can be posted on your LinkedIn profile as a post.

linkedin post

Want to see some of our LinkedIn articles?

Want to see some of our LinkedIn articles?

Real life case studies

See how businesses and people use LinkedIn articles to build reputation

Daniel - Consultant

Working as a business consultant with experience in business development, Daniel has been using LinkedIn articles to demonstrate his knowledge and experience to convince clients of his abilities and versatility in different business situations. As he'd like to also become a freelance consultant in the future, having LinkedIn articles can help to build up his reputation in the long run, proving his longevity in the business of consulting.

Ronald - Founder of a recruitment startup

Ronald started a recruitment company and get business from his existing network. The problem is, it is hard to expand beyond that partly due to their weak presence in LinkedIn where many potential candidates and companies are. To increase presence and reputation for his relatively new company, Ronald engaged Inky to post highly in-depth, thoughtful articles twice every month. Articles like employee's rights, new employment grants and thought leadership pieces on future of recruitment, increase the company reputation and how it's perceived by important stakeholders.

Linda - Accounts Manager

Linda has recently rose up to be an accounts manager at a FinTech company. To ensure that she continues to have good career progression in leadership roles, she engages Inky for leadership articles that she can post on LinkedIn. Particularly, articles on leadership in the FinTech industry can help impress headhunters and solidify her image as a great leader.

Charlene - Trainer at a MNC

Charlene has been a trainer for almost 10 years and have nothing much to show for in her resume. To boost her reputation as a trainer and also to impress headhunters, she engages Inky to put up monthly articles on Training topics that allow her to share her experiences and knowledge in her field.

A word on AI and what makes Inky special.

With new AI-assisted tools popping up, we too, learnt the craft and reinvent our offerings to make it truly valuable for you.

  • Writing has become more efficient with AI, so we further lowered our price.
  • New SEO tools can evaluate competitors' content, so we incorporate that in our process.
  • While AI can help with writing, it's content are often wrong and lacking, so we keep our research process intact and continued our subscriptions to industry reports, to ensure our content remain superior both in depth and correctness.

We are website owners too and understand the value of good SEO content balanced with cost effectiveness. It's also why many of our customers continue coming back and sticking with us for their content need. We hope you will too.


Instant credibility

Our LinkedIn article contains features that boost credibility and reputation.


2) Content is researched to understand its audience, and then copywritten to achieve your content objective. This can be to build reputation, boost credibility or other objectives.



3) We include at least two statistics from industry reports to support points mentioned in your article.

statistics in article


4) We research and find targeted podcast and interviews for quotes from leading industry experts to include in your article.

quotes from experts


5) Your personal experience / knowledge / expertise is incorporated and amplified to boost your standings.

personal experience


6) Highly impactful tables / graphs / illustrations are included to further solidify the credibility of the article.

insightful graph


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