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Hi, I am Nick! SEO copywriting can be very difficult, and often tedious to do in the long run. Our process, updated along with the latest Google algorithm, ensures that your content is thoroughly SEO optimised , giving your content the best chance it has at ranking on Google. Planned along with our proven content strategy , you can be sure that your website will get a boost in gaining traffic and $$$.

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Our Process to Maximise Your Google Visibility

Keyword Research

Inky helps you find high-performing keywords to target that matches the user intent as part of your SEO content strategy, then uses a 'one page, one keyword' strategy in proposing article structure and titles. You can even pass us a seed keyword for your product or service, and let us do the work thereafter.

SEO Copywriting Draft

Inky SEO writers only produce content strictly based on our tried and tested SEO method that is based on techniques from industry leaders such as Hubspot and Neil Patel to produce high-impact copy that meets your target audience, tone, personality and brand. We also use SurferSEO that ensures that your copy is much better than your SERP competitors

Revision Period

Keywords and search engine algorithms change quickly, and we get that. With a FREE revision period, you'll always get high-quality content that satisfies search intent and beats those pesky search engine robots.

How our SEO Copywriter Works for You

  1. Topic and Keyword Research: One of the most important steps. We use tools such as Google Keywords Planner, Google Trends, KWfinder and SEMRush to identify keywords your potential customers are likely to search. We'll work with you to make sure keywords are chosen correctly (including long-tail keywords) with adequate search volume and ranking difficulty before we start.


  1. Headline: Based on the identified keywords, we'll craft your headline. This is the single most important part of your content. Not only will we put the keyword you wish to rank for in the headline, but we'll also craft a good headline that draws in your target audience and leave them wanting more.


  1. Meta Title. Apart from the headline, we'll create an outstanding meta title, which will appear as the title of the search engine results listing. This is also where Google will determine if the web page and content is relevant for your target audience. We will also include the keywords that you wish to rank for in the meta title.


  1. Meta Description. The meta description appears in the search result listing and is an important summary of your webpage content. This is typically the first thing people read when they see your site, and search engines use these snippets in search results to let visitors know what a page is about before they click on it. Inky will create concise meta descriptions that also include Call-to-Actions, improving the organic click-through-rate (CTR) for anyone that comes in.


  1. Keyword Frequency. An SEO-optimised page will have a good keyword frequency, which refers to how many times your chosen keyword is used (keyword density). However, we do not practice keyword stuffing - mindlessly putting the keyword again and again - and follow a strict rule of always creating content that is useful for humans, not search engine robots.


  1. Internal and External Linking. Depending on your website structure, Inky will also insert links to other pages of your website within your content to incentivise readers to click and read more around your site. We will also link to other high-authority sites and pages, which boosts your own website authority and content relevance. By having internal and external links, your site will be deemed as an authoritative site where your audience can get information from, and will start ranking.


  1. Call-to-Action (CTA). Depending on your product or service, you might need people to take an action after reading your content, such as making a purchase. This is what motivates sales conversions, so we'll handle that for you with a compelling CTA for all the content we produce.


  1. Site Speed. Site loading speed is an often-forgotten part of SEO that Inky will optimise for you as well. By having fast site speeds, readers are less likely to 'bounce' (exit before the page even loads). Our SEO Copywriter fixes this for you by compressing images and media so less bandwidth is used. Alternatively, we can also advise if this is something your website developer can fix for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process where websites are edited to improve visibility when someone uses a search engine to search for your product or service. This is extremely important in digital marketing, as 90% of people only click on links within a search engine's first page ('ranked' pages).
How is SEO used in copywriting?
SEO is used in copywriting to make your website visible, drive organic traffic and increase sales. A website's performance on search engines heavily depend on whether website content matches what users are searching for, and copywriting makes sure that happens.
Is content writing necessary for SEO?
Absolutely, because search engines recognise the relevance of your websites through what's written in it. A website with little content is unlikely to become an authoritative site, which in turn means it'll probably never appear on the search engine's ranking page (SERP).
What will Inky's SEO copywriters do?
We aim to write for, and improve your website content so it becomes more visible on search engines, driving organic traffic and sales conversions.
How do I tell your writers what I want?
Besides our initial consultation, we've honed our writing over years of experience to help customers communicate intent, audience, voice, and personality. You can include SEO keywords, an article outline, and even links to include or research. Then, just leave it all to us.
Talk SEO to me!
Natural language processing. SERP. Meta Description. Featured snippets. Header formatting. Keyword density. Cannibalisation. We're not just googling everything here - we'll make use of this to make your page as visible as possible. Just talk to us and you'll see we aren't just for show!

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